Following are some of the most asked questions about the USA Weight Control Center's program. For more information about how we can start helping you, call a USA Weight Control Center close to you.                                                                                                                                    
Q:   Do you have to exercise?
A:   No, you do not. However, exercise is recommended for individuals           according to their weight and age.

                                                                                                            Q:   Can I shop in the grocery store for foods on the         diet?                                                                                         
A:   Yes! All the foods on your diet can be easily found at your local              grocery.                                                                                                
Q:   Do I have to say goodbye to eating out?                    
A:   No. Our diets are structured so that there is a wide variety of                  foods to choose from. Many restaurants are now providing                        selections on their menus that can fit easily into your new eating              habits.                                                                                                                     

Q:  Will my insurance cover the costs?                                    A:   Some insurance companies or employee benefits packages will cover        some of the costs involved.  Also, the IRS recognizes obesity as a            disease.  Therefore, they allow taxpayers to claim weight loss                  expenses as a medical deduction.                                                                                                                   
Q:   What about the costs of USA's program?                     A:   How much is your health and longevity worth to you?
       USA Weight Control Centers are staffed with professionals,                   however, that does not mean  the costs are astronomical. We will             quarantee the lowest price on your weight loss program, and your             consultation is completely free.                                                                                    
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